NoTube Highlights

These are some of the demonstrators and services made within the NoTube project. More information is on the blog.



Our most polished demonstrator. Allows drag and drop programme sharing and TV changing. All, iPlayer, TED. Redux. Blog post about N-Screen, recommendations in N-Screen, user testing in N-Screen
Voting and graphing application

Illustrates real-time updates on voting for whodunnit in 'The Killing'
The Killing
Archive Browser

Navigating part of the BBC's Redux archive using Lonclass data.
Archive Browser
Blog post
iPlayer search / browse

Shows iPlayer search and browse and related matches (not current data)
iPlayer search and browse search browse small subset search / browse / related search and browse
TEA: TV Extras Authoring

Illustrates collaborative drag and drop annotation of html5 video

Services and Data

CRID Resolver
Takes a CRID (used in DVB EIT) and resolves them to BBC programme ids (PIDs) and vice-versa
CRID Resolver
TVDNS writeup (by Mo McRoberts)
NoTube blog post

Very basic (regex) entity recognition
Looks for capitalised phrases in programme descriptions and then looks up the result on DBPedia
Winter Olympics Demonstrator
N-Screen APIs
Various APIs including random, related and search for iPlayer, Redux (subset) and TED (subset)
N-Screen APIs
On Now
What's on now on BBC channels
On Now
Redux data sample
A subset of BBC Redux metadata mapped to various sources.
Sample BBC dataset
Blog post