Winter Olympics Demonstrator

This is a demonstrator showing very basic parsing of descriptions for items of interest and then sending those off to dbpedia. Try 24th February on BBC2 at 14:30.

As part of the NoTube project we want to show related information about programmes on a 'companion device' such as an iPhone to a person watching TV on a TV.

To do this we are planning to use Linked Data services, data enhancement services (e.g. entity recognition, 'same as' services linking URLs together) plus lookup services to match broadcast schedules with web-based data. Obviously BBC data is easier to link with broadcast data because of the easy availability of RDF data and unique URLs for channels and programmes, so it's good for prototyping. Eventually we want to do something like the 'Music Bore'[1] for programmes by going along this route.

This particular demo uses several services:

It's pretty nasty - it should use the sparql dbpedia service but guesses instead, and also parses RDF as xml.


[3] words = desc.scan(/(([A-Z][a-z]*[ |,|.]){2,})/)
[4] e.g.